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Toronto Canada
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Toronto is a truly exciting city, to say the least. It is fun to be there in summer and the city is offering all kinds of delicious dining and cultural entertainment.


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Toronto, Canada

And then on the way back to Toronto some very decent ferry had given a little time to rest.

But first some waiting had been required to allow observing the car park getting filled.

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Toronto Canada

It has high powered radio stations that do shake the car speakers with superb House, Hip Hop and Reggae DJ`s who know about a serious bass.

Of course, Toronto is a most modern media city with very innovative TV stations and some deep IT culture that has grown solidly since the early days of the worldwide web.

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Toronto Canada

Chinatown, Little Italy and even Jamaican Eglinton are locations, where all kinds of exotic and tasty dishes can be spotted with ease.

For Shop until you drop" maniacs Toronto invites with countless and interesting second hand shops and of course also with the very latest in expensive and exclusive inside the huge Eaton Center.


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