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Kati had been tall and fit enough for giving the other Cheerleaders a little bit of a push or a hug at times.

Here's Cheerleader Kati at the annual try outs which had always been a special Duesseldorf city event for all the core Rhein Fire fans.

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Kathalene Taylor

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleaders coach

Kathalene Taylor came from L.A. to coach the Rhein Fire Cheerleaders.

Video interview and story


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Kati Rhein Fire Cheerleader

With Kati had been Jasmin, the perhapst sexiest thing on earth reminding of Marlene Dietrich in her very best days though Jasmin was for sure a lot more sexy and a flaming hot Pyromaniac.


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Jasmin Rhein Fire Cheerleaders

And so wwere Olga and kati while presenting a "Showtime" D.C. Clark portrait to the fans.

Rhein Fire Cheerleaders Olga and Kati


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