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Kathalene Taylor
Rhein Fire Cheerleaders

Kathalene Taylor has been an instructor at the Cheerleader teams from the San Diego Chargers and the 49ers.

Photo sessions with Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan during her work for the L.A. Clippers dancers had been other outstanding event during the impressive career of Kathalene Taylor..

In season 2000 her most charming presence had brought loads of inspirations to the Rhein Fire Pyromaniacs including the latest Hip Hop styles, which took the Fans right down into the real groove.

Especially in a title winning season it must have been a great pleasure for her, to be around at Rhein Fire, where also the players had enjoyed her energy and presence very much.

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Many years of NFL Europe coverage have led to videos and interviews with various expert coaches.

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleaders coach

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleaders coach


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photo Kathalene Taylor Cheerleader coach

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleader coach

Kathalene Taylor had been a superb Cheerleader instructor for the Pyromaniacs.



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