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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Tigers

The best partners for Tiger

Tiger love is very emotional and their love goes often deeper than deep.

Not much of a problem for them, but for those, who have to explore their special logic after having fallen in love.

Very few other Zodiac groups are able to share such difficult romance and often their partners have to escape with greatest pain.

Tigress Demi Moore and Goat Bruce Willis ended sad, though they had tried it so very hard despite the fact, that their love had been like a living hell.

Chinese Horocope symbol Tiger

About Male Tigers

In terms of an ideal partnership his classic soul mates would come from the Horse and Dog sign groups. But also Dragon and Goat come to mind while the very best solution will always be a Lady, who was born in a year of the Pig.

About Female Tigers

The line of tragedies is long and it even includes some absolute super Ladies such as Marilyn Monroe and Romy Schneider. And one may guess why Lindsay Lohan and Jodie Foster have started to experiment with females.

Love ain't easy for the Tiger Ladies and the perhaps best solution will be a partner, who was born in a year of the Pig or Dragon.

Tiger Love

Chinese Horocope Tiger

Scientology Tiger Tom Cruise and and Goat Nicole Kidman had been another sad example though Mr. Tiger can even be truly gentle at times, but he is unlikely to find enough time for a love hungry Goat cutie.

At the same time Madame Tiger may offer the wildest possible female experience, as she can be go totally berserk at any time, what may explain the difficulties that Lindsay Lohan has been spreading in recent years when she was experimenting with a wide range of lovers.

Everyone in love with a Tiger or Tigress has to be in it for the real thing and once a Tiger Lady gets hot, her passion will be rocking the heart and the house during good times and bad times.

More trends

Tiger and Dragon

Love at first sight doesn't seem rare and they can surely enjoy each other, but probably not without violent argues when there is a demanding Tiger Lady in the House.

Better chances are for Simon Konecki, who got married by Dragon Adele.

Great flirt factor

Tiger and Rabbit

Difficult, but chances are. Usually Tiger Love might be a bit too wild, too crazy.

And both can be fairly dominant and have strong egos. So no suprise, that Amber Heard has dropped her "Rabbit" Johnny Depp, who did not behave as well as David Beckham, who is still with his Tigress Victoria.

A doubtful option, but chances are, when the Rabbit is prepared to follow

Tiger and Tiger

Yes, there have been happy couples and it may work for a while, but chances are slim and the risks enormous like shown by Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise.

Caution recommended and who is going to be the boss?

Tiger and Ox

Two strong egos clashed when Ox Jane Fonda married Ted Turner. And one may imagine a couple like Tigress Lindsay Lohan with Ox Dennis Rodman.

But both have faith and may even try that one

Tiger and Rat

Eminem went unlucky even twice with his Tigress Kim and anyone considering that combination, might be interested in listening to his horrorcore songs about their challenging love affair.

Potential exists

Tiger and Pig

Pigs will enjoy the power of the Tiger and nowhere else the Tigers will find a better place to relax. Arianna Huffington seems to have lasting joy with her Pig Michael and also Elton John has married a Tiger male.

Finest potential

Tiger and Dog

Claudia Dog Schiffer and Tim Jefferies blew a great chance while Naomi can`t get enough of Tigers while having fun with Briatore and Robbie Williams.

And how will a Dog year born man handle a Tiger girl? Hard to imagine.

But not too bad

Tiger and Rooster

A true temptation, but for Female Chicken and also a fair chance to feel completely neglected.

One may also wonder, how a proud Rooster male will react when the Tigress will present her usually complex wishlist, but Lindsay Lohan seems to be currently in love with a Russian Rooster.

One of the more difficult options

Tiger and Monkey

Monkeys will laugh a lot about the often much too serious Tigers, who will get wild and escape into solitude.

Monkey Gisele Buendchen had tried it with her notorious party animal Leonardo DiCaprio for five partly painful years.

Not easy

Tiger and Goat

The most classic and painful trap with deepest love and some most penetrating passion, which so often ends in misery. One may simply remember Bruce Willis and Demi Moore while now Robbie Williams and his Goat beauty Ayda Field have stepped on the very same train.

Also Hilary Swank had serious problems with her Goat Chad Lowe, who might have felt a bit neglected at times.

Instant hard core passion, desire and often pain

Tiger and Horse

Theoretically great, but in reality perhaps not that easy as both have big egos and like to take care of the lead.

Potential exists

Tiger and Snake

Dead end street for both sides as Snakes come across as stone cold while Tigers are often not sensitive enough to make a Snake feel comfortable and relaxed.

Limited potential

Tigers in Love

Chinese Horoscope Tiger Douglas Quinn
Sometimes also Tiger men like NFL's former VP International Douglas Quinn may show some extreme emotions as recorded by various media.

Photos and videos with Douglas Quinn


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