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Tiger in the 2016 Monkey Year

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is getting marketed in the UK like a Rock Star.

Rafael Nadal can no longer win tournaments and also Julian Edelman at the Patriots had failed to catch easy balls.

Oscar Pistorius must be raving about his big luck now, as he is getting released from jail after only one year. Previously he was sentenced to as little as as five years after he had shot his girl friend.

Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke was named "Sexiest Woman alive" by the Esquire magazine.

Tiger in the 2015 Goat Year

Alexis Tsipras has once again won the election in Greece.

Rafael Nadal is going through another difficult season with unusual losses at Wimbledon and also at the U.S.Open.

Usain Bolt has won another three Gold medals at the World Cup in Beijing.

Oscar Pistorius remains in Jail after a judge and an attorney had ordered another check on a previous decision, which would allow him to spend some time at home.

Usain Bolt became the first sprinter who has scored a "triple triple" at Olympic games.

Alexis Tsipras has lured another 90 billion Euros into his country.

Tiger in the 2014 Horse Year

Alexis Tsipras became the Tiger of the Year with his revolutionary new policy for Greece, while he was trying to get closer to his pal of Dragon Vladimir Putin.

Rafael Nadal has won his record breaking 9nth French Open title against Rabbit Novak Djokovic, before he left Wimbledon at an early stage.

Tough days for Oscar Pistorius, who got sentenced to prison time.

Arseni Jazenjuk took the lead in the Ukraine and Matteo Renzi in Italy.

Tiger at the FIFA World Cup

Spanish Champion Coach Vincente del Bosque went out early at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where 13 Tigers on the field were able to score 17 goals, what had earned them 3rd place in the strikers ranking.

Luis Suárez from Uruguay earned the "Vampire of the Year" title after having bitten an Italian defender.

Tiger in the 2013 Snake Year

Rafael Nadal has won the French Open in 2013 and he managed to become once again the No.1 in global Tennis, what made him also the Tiger of the Year.

And now he has reached another Australian Open final.

Shia Labeauf went wild with a stranger at a London restaurant. Before he had a fight up in Canada.

Evander Holyfield got widely criticized for his public statement about the gay population.

Christian Bale is no longer Batman.

Jodie Foster has won a Golden Globe and Playboy Hugh Hefner has married at 86 another beauty that is only 60 years younger.

Baltimore Ravens` head coach John Harbaugh has won the Super Bowl.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien and BBC boss George Entwistle had to step back after serious mistakes during the Jimmy Saville abuse scam.

Tigers had a fine summer when Vincent del Bosque won the FIFA Football Euro Cup with Spain and Usain Bolt scored 3 Gold medals at the Olympic games.


Tiger in their 2012 Dragon Year

Young Tigers had started well into the 2012 Dragon Year but some old Tigers like Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych seem to be having tons of trouble.

Rafael Nadal had won the Monaco tournament and Ahmad Bradshaw had scored the Super Bowl winning touchdown for his New York Giants.

Rafael Nadal lost a close final at the Australian Open against Rabbit Novak Djokovic.

Tragedy has reached Demi Moore while Arianna Huffington is launching her Internet TV network.


Tiger in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Many Tigers had a disastrous year of the Rabbit.

Lindsay Lohan in handcuffs and Demi Moore down at 47 kg after another tragedy with Horse Ashton Kutcher.

Tiger girls simply should never ever mess with Goat guys who simply require a lot more sweet care and intimate passion than they could give!

Exactly as predicted Tennis top gun Tiger Rafael Nadal gotten permanently wrecked by Rabbit Novak Djokovic.

Moto GP rider Marco Simoncelli has died in a lethal accident.

Lindsay Lohan in handcuffs and Demi Moore down at 47 kg after another tragedy with her Horse Ashton Kutcher, who had replaced Goat Bruce Willis.

Spartacus star actor Andy Whitfield died from cancer at the age of 39.

With a €35 million transfer Edin Džeko has become the most expensive transfer in the German Football Bundesliga

Megahn Fox loves Sex with marijuana and Shia Labeouf is not her type of guy.


Tiger in the 2010 Tiger Year

Rafael Nadal won the US Open, Wimbledon and the French Open what made him the Tiger of the year.

Brilliant also Vincente del Bosque who had won the FIFA World Cup in South Africa becoming the only 2nd Tiger winner in Football history after Carlos Menotti.

Robbie Williams had been celebrating his 7nth Echo Award and a fatal wedding with Ayda Field while Lindsay Lohan went through some severe legal issues.

Cee Lo Green gave us the album of the year with the Lady Killer.

Lady Gaga made woman of the year also for raising big money at facebook for aids victims.

Tiger loser of 2010 had been stingy Wesley Snipes who went for 3 years to prison for tax fraud while Leonardo DiCaprio became the best selling Hollywood artist.

Lindsay Lohan became a jail bird after severe legal issues and jobs have become rare for her due to reliability problems.

Stingy Wesley Snipes made Tiger loser of 2010 by going to jail for three years after tax fraud.

Leonardo DiCaprio made best selling Hollywood artist.

Rafael Nadal had to pack in at the Australian Open for injury reasons and Victoria Beckham went shopping for € 570.000.


Tiger in the 2009 year of the Ox

Dinara Safina had been the No.1 in Tennis for a short period.

Megan Fox and Supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna had looked great.

Two Gold Medals were won by swimmer Paul Biedermann and a giant World Cup performance was shown by Usain Bolt.

Rafael Nadal became the No. 1 in Tennis and Usain Bolt in Beijing the fastest man in the world with 9,69 on 100 meters.

Batman Christian Bale went to jail after an attack on his mother and Phil Collins paid €32 million for his divorce.

Rafael Nadal won the final at Wimbledon against Rooster Roger Federer.

Flavio Briatore did marry 30 years younger Rooster Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Megan Fox was named Sexiest Woman on earth.


Chinese Horocope Tiger Blog

Best years for Tiger

Rafael Nadal has won his first Grand Slam title a year of the Dog. And it is said, that the Horse and the Dog are kind of a soul mate when it comes to justice.

In the year of the Rat

Chinese Horoscope Rat year

Those years of the Rat seem to be very nice for the Tiger year born, like for example 2008, when Rafael Nadal became the No.1 in Tennis after his Wimbledon triumph over Rooster Roger Federer and when also Usain Bolt won his first Gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.



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