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Chinese Horoscope Tiger character

Tiger character and mentality

In the Chinese Zodiac the Tiger and the Dragon symbol seem to be the most preferred symbol for sons as both get widely connected to big luck for the house.

The downside is, that Tiger Ladies might also be extremely fortunate, but still they often suffer from various mental conditions like for example the very weathy Allegra Versace, who is having severe problems with Anorexie.

The Tigress

Tiger Ladies are some of the most charismatic females, often with a big heart and a wonderful character.

Nevertheless they are surely the most complicated among the 12 symbols and probably the biggest challenge for every man.

Her logic is so very different from the rest of the world, that it is almost impossible, to have a harmonious relationship with her.

One has to consider, that a big part of her personality contains more male elements than even some males can come up with and what may explain, why some of them are so strong and so wild.

Of course, that may have killed many relationships with often broken hearts left behind.

In fact this is very sad, as the Tigress is without a doubt one of the most adorable females.

Only very few are able, to keep their men happy and that is why millions of them were aborted in China, where many families desire a Tiger year born son, but consider a Tiger girl as a burden.

Tiger Men

Mr. Tiger is the classic, lonesome hero, who is searching for truth, freedom, justice and a better world.

Charisma to the max, a bright horizon and always ready to fight for merits, a good cause or inside a game.

All of these aspects are frequent within the Tigers' specific concept for life.

Traveling and exploring are other favorite passions, which can occupy him as well as good food and immaculate products and tools, that he can integrate in his work.

Before any decision he can spend days with research and accurate preparations in order to avoid problems or any kind of criticism.

In fact when criticizing a Tiger it may turn out as extremely difficult, to keep him on a constructive vibe as temper and some kind of insecurity may cause tensions right away.

One has to know, that relaxing is the most difficult task for all Tigers, as they tend to feel alaways under pressure or in jeopardy.

So whenever getting in touch with a Tiger, it will always be good to show some respect and patience to help them relax.


Chinese Horocope symbol Tiger

Tiger character

Chinese Horocope Ox

Born free like in nature, strong and independent, always hunting and ready to attack.

They often enjoy and need their solitude, and nobody should try, to force them into a cage.

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