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Rooster in the 2016 Monkey Year

Antonio Conte did impress with Italy at the Euro Cup before he took the FC Chelsea back to the top.

Paul Pogba has become the most expensive soccer player in the world with his $120m transfer to ManUnited.

Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov did conquer Tigress Lindsay Lohan

Garbiñe Muguruza has won the French Open against Serena Williams.

Rodrigo Duterte became the new president of the Philippines and he started off with hunting journalists and drug dealers.

Rooster in the 2015 Goat Year

Serena Williams has lost her final at the Australian Open against Snake Angie Kerber and a week later Beyonce had impressed at Super Bowl 50.

The American NFL season did end without any significant success for the Rooster symbol.

Zinedine Zidane has become the new manager of Real Madrid.

Aung San Suu Kyi has won the election in Myanmar.

German Legend Football legend Franz Beckenbauer is under investigations for alleged misconduct by FIFA while the FBI has caught Mexican El Chapo Joaquín Guzmán.

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott got replaced by "Horse" Malcolm Turnbull.

Serena Williams has lost at the US Open against an unseeded No. 43, the Pig Year born Roberta Vinci after she had been only one set away from having a chance to win the first Grand Slam since Steffi Graf did it in 1988. Also Roger Federer has lost his Final against "Rabbit" Novak Djokovic.

Fernando Alonso had one of his worst Formula 1 seasons.

Jordan Spieth has taken over the No. 1 crown in International Golf from Snake Rory McIlroy.

Serena Williams has won the Aussie Open, the French Open and Wimbledon, so that the US Open would have been a perfect event for equalizing those 22 Grand Slam titles, that Steffi Graf has won before stealing the all time lead from Horse Margarete Courts, who has collected 24 Grand Slam titles.

Rooster in the 2014 Horse Year

An honorary award went to Beyoncé for handling her husband so well and a big one also to Serena Williams for her U.S. Open win against her friend Horse Caroline Wozniacki and her 6th championship down under on her way to become the greatest Tennis Lady of all times.

Fernando Alonso has left Ferrari after a fairly dismal Formula 1 season.

Coach Antonio Conte has won the Italian Championship with Juventus Turin.

Roger Federer had lost his semi final at the Australian Open against Tiger Rafael Nadal.

Matthew McConaughey has received a best actor Oscar while Cate Blanchett took the best actress Oscar.

Rooster at the FIFA World Cup

With only five goals Rooster had shown the worst strikers of the tournament while their coaches had managed to win eight games, though their Italian star coach Prandelli had gone out already at group stage.

One highlight had been the appearance of Jennifer Lopez.

Rooster in the 2013 Snake Year

Serena Williams had a fantastic run in 2013.

Groupon founder Andrew Mason got fired after miserable developments at his company.

Bayern Munich's Jupp Heynckes became the soccer coach of the year 2013 after having won three titles including the Champions League.

America's soft talk legend Larry King has retired after his long CNN career and too many drop outs during his final years.

Daniel Day-Lewis grabbed the 2013 Oscar for best actor in a leading role.

Britney Spears has dropped her Pig Jason Trawick while Catherine Zeta-Jones had managed to save her marriage with Monkey Michael Douglas.

John McAfee got wanted for murder in Belize.

Rooster Ryan had lost the US election.

Rooster David Patraeus had to resign after his fling with sexy Rat Paula Broadwell.


Rooster in their 2012 Dragon Year

Fernando Alonso has lost his Formula 1 lead after he had survived a severe accident with only with some great luck.

Hollywood star Michael Clarke Duncan has died at 54 from a heart attack.

German soccer coach Jupp Heynckes has lost three titles with Bayern Munich including the Champions League final.

Wimbledon saw title win no. 7 for Roger Federer and no. 5 for Serena Williams, who had also won the U.S. Open.

Larry King is back and now live at ora.tv

Rooster in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

The last year of the Rabbit 1999 saw a fine time for Rooster with Serena Williams winning the US Open and Steffi Graf taking the French Open and Dog Andre Agassi.

Rooster had started well into the Rabbit Year with an Oscar for Natalie Portman and with the new Miss America Teresa Scanlan displaying the next generation after Britney, who also had a fine come back at the MTV awards.

Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill had blown a US tour with dubious activities on stage and also Serena Williams and Roger Federer had a dull season.

Yoshihiko Noda became the new president in Japan and Britney Spears received 2 MTV Awards.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z received a baby.

Vladimir Klitschko had defended his boxing title against Monkey David Haye very elegantly.

Oscar for Natalie Portman.

Nate Dogg died already at 41.

Natalie Portman had reported a baby on the way and some dismal headlines at Fashion police for her tacky outfits, while critics were raving about her performance as a ballerina in "Black Swan".


Rooster in the 2010 Tiger Year

Top Rooster Paris Hilton impressed with great creativity when cops were questioning her about some confiscated drugs in USA, Japan and in South Africa.

Fernando Alonso made second place in Formula 1 and Tennis legend Roger Federer had to make way for Tiger Rafael Nadal.

Britney Spears enjoys getting fat while Serena Williams had scored her fourth Wimbledon title.

BP Tony Hayward had been a top loser of the year with the giant oil spill.

Kate Middleton is aiming to marry Pig Prince William.

Sienna Miller got taped by some Murdoch magazine.

Fernando Alonso won the first Grand Prix in 2010 but that was it.

Designer Alexander McQueen had died at 40 and also Malcolm McLaren went while Britney Spears started to earn with lingerie ads.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams did it once again at the Australian Open while Beyonce had scored 6 Grammy Awards.


Rooster in the 2009 year of the Ox

Serena Williams became woman of the year with 2 Grand Slam titles and her 5th win at the $1,9 million Australian Open leaving Tigress Megan Fox in second place.

Paris Hilton had wanted to marry Ox Doug Reinhardt.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams completed the 2009 Tennis season clearly on No.1.

Hedge Fond manager David Tepper earned his clients $7,5 billion.

Fernando Alonso moved to Ferrari and Natalie Portman had told the world, that she is into dirty Rap.

Roman Polanski got jailed in Switzerland for an old rape case in the U.S.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams won their finals at Wimbledon and in Paris Roger Federer has finally won also the French Open to complete wins at all 4 Grand Slam Tournaments, what was done the last time by Dog Andre Agassi.

Serena Williams won the Australian Open 2009 while Roger Federer lost against Tiger Nadal.

Paris Hilton is now fully after well trained Ox Lovers with Cristiano Ronaldo and Doug Reinhardt.


Chinese Horocope symbol Rooster Blog

Best years for Rooster

It seems, that Rooster does not have any specific years, which could be better than others for achieving big goals or massive breakthroughs.

In fact Rooster success stories can be written in nearly all the years, what is certainly a good advantage.

In the year of the Rabbit

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit year

Some Years of the Rabbit seem to comfort female Rooster well as both Steffi Graf and Serena Williams have scored their very first Grand Slam title in one of these years. At the same time the 2011 Rabbit year had been one of the worst for Serena Williams.




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