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Chinese Horoscope Rooster character

Rooster character and mentality

One of the most ambitious and passionate symbols inside the Chinese Zodiac is certainly Rooster.

Rooster Ladies

Rooster Ladies are frequently occupied with health topics and their intense erotic fantasies, which are very important for them and make them so very unique.

Endorphins are playing an important role in her life and that`s why they need dancing, high caliber sports and much sex badly, in order to combat their fairly high risk of depressions.

They need to feel warm and well sheltered in relationships, what helps them to reach their peak in terms of talents, which can be in fact sensational as shown not only by Serena Williams and Steffi Graf.

Jobwise Miss Chicken has no mercy and her media talents are way above the average, covering a range from a Britney Spears like teen acts to a top level news ladies at prime TV stations.

And they can even become party leaders.

Once they are into something, they do it right and work hard on it, as they can never get enough of what they enjoy.

Male Rooster

Male Rooster is one of the real men, who can compete with Mr. Ox, Mr. Tiger and Mr. Horse.

He can be even become highly aggressive already at young age as shown by the two Columbine Killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klybold, who were both born in 1981.

The other end of his range is the built in "fashion maniac", which is an outlet for his feminine part, that provides him with much taste and feelings, which are reflected in his personal surroundings.

In fact, various fashion designers were born in a year of the Rooster.

Rooster presents of course also some brilliant intellectuals such as Sir Peter Ustinov and Michael Cain.

In soccer he is obviously one of the very best, while the world of music has only seen some limited amount of contributions, though there are Eric Clapton, Quincy Jones and of course Debbie Harry.

Chinese Horocope symbol Rooster

Rooster in Sports

Primarily Rooster is at it's very best, when it comes to sport in front of audiences, where they can exhibit their good looks, ambition and winning spirit.

That's why in Football they often opt for the goalkeeper or striker position just to ensure some maximum visibility.

They love it, when all eyes are on them, what clearly explains their preference for solo sports like Golf, Tennis and Formula 1 as shown by Roger Federer and Fernando Alonso, who were often peaking and stumbling at pretty much the same time.

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