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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Rooster

Best partners for Rooster

The symbol of vivid passion is certainly one of the most controversial ones with many highly demanding females and some extremely ambitious males.

Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov has just conquered Tigress Lindsay Lohan and one has to see, for how long that will last.

Rooster in Love

For any real man a real Rooster Woman can be an excellent and most satisfying encounter. And Rooster men, they are for real as well. Meet them at fashion shows or on a football field.

Chinese Horocope symbol Rooster

About Female Rooster

A highly passionate Character is what is driving a lot of female Rooster through their nights and days.

And having or finding the right lover is obviously a must when insufficient amounts of daily love may even cause serious depressions as not only shown by Britney Spears, who had raped some room boys once she could no longer control her female desires.

Paris Hilton and also happily married Catherine Zeta Jones had frequently mentioned this kind of a given urge, which makes Rooster Ladies so very unique.

Only Ms. Monkey can throw in a similar amount of physical energy and that seems to be the reason, why both of these Zodiac sign groups clash so often in Tennis, where Steffi Graf and Serena Williams stand for a class of their own next to the Monkeys Martina Navratilova, Martina Hingis and Venus Williams.

Only very few males can cope with that amount of energy and combined with a constant desire for closest togetherness.

This does in fact shorten the list of promising lovers to probably only three symbols, the No.1 Gigolo Mr. Monkey, the fun orientated Mr. Pig and the Goat, which Monkey Jerry Hall had described as a wild animal in bed when looking back at her marriage with Mick Jagger.

About Male Rooster

A lot of male Rooster has been born to be star for nearly all the Ladies and there are only a few, who might prefer some different characters.

For relationships he is often not the easiest partner, but once committed, he can remain loyal and caring, though some flings can never be ruled out as soon as there are some attractive Lady entering his turf.

German Football icon Franz Beckenbauer always had solid reputation for looking after more than only one lady at a time.

Nevertheless, the children are his biggest pride and they will always receive everything, that will make them look good.

Regardless if NFL or FIFA football, they can look as good as Gerd Mueller, Beckenbauer, Eto'o, Zlatan Ibrahimovic' or flying Cowboy Emmitt Smith.

Chinese Horocope charts

Rooster on Dragon

Rooster girls are impressed at first sight and so will be Ms. Dragon. John & Yoko had great fun staying in a bed for a week but, in the long run the Dragon may feel bored and Ms. Chicken might cry for more love.

Not too bad

Rooster and Rabbit

This combination may look very tempting and it could also feel pleasant for a while, but in the end, the fire might not be hot enough for a Rooster passionate Lady.

And vice versa, most Rooster males could fancy an eloquent and elegant Rabbit Lady a lot

Chances are

Rooster and Tiger

What a serious temptation, especially for female Rooster, who will fancy an impressive Tiger man right away.

But this could also be a perfect chance to end up completely neglected as Tigers need to walk, run and hunt instead of staying in bed long hours.

And so does the Tigress, who is also always chasing after something with mostly no sufficient time to entertain a male Rooster.

Limited chances

Rooster and Ox

Melanie Griffiths had enjoyed Don Ox Johnson and Renée Zellweger Ox George Clooney at least for a while.

Of course, Rooster Ladies seek physically promising males, but there needs to be also a high level of sensitivity.

Much better are indeed the odds for male Rooster when seeking fun with an energetic and strong Ms. Ox. Both are sharing many values and the level of energy is high on both sides.

Nice potential and always good for a fling

Rooster and Rat

They can excite each other and they will not only have excellent conversations as long as they focus on being charming.

Certainly the Rat males are having a good chance with Rooster Ladies.

Obviously not too bad

Rooster and Pig

Biggest thrills in bed should not come as a surprise, but sometimes the artistic and intellectual side of Ms. Rooster may desire a bit more depth and some sort of a romantic, artistic flair.

At the same time most Pig ladies are able to enjoy male Rooster at least for a while and as long as it feels cozy and hot enough in bed, and what seems to be the case for Kate Middleton and her Pig year born Prince William.

Surely not too bad at all

Rooster and Dog

Eternal love! Elvis found Priscilla, Dog Prince took Sheila E and Dog Andre Agassi has married Steffi. Both seem to be extremely happy since many years and what a pity, that the chances for this combination are not always that big.

But there are also Matthew Vaughn with his "Dog" Claudia Schiffer, and they are not the only ones.

Finest potential

Rooster and Rooster

Hot and furious relations are usually the outcome, but often with only limited chances for a longer relationship. But Rapper Jay Z and his Beyonce have proven, that there can be a longer future despite all regular quarrels.

Unusual combination, but with chances

Rooster and Monkey

Michael Douglas and Zeta Jones are very happy despite their unfortunate health problems as well as the marriage between Michael and Corinna Schumacher is truly awesome. Only Renèe Zellweger did not stay that long at her Monkey Man.

On the other side Rooster males will find it difficult to impress Monkey Ladies, who are usually more into the wilder and creative males.

Second best choice for female Rooster, second worst for male Rooster

Rooster and Goat

Often Rooster girls get shaken by the intensity while lots of kids are a frequent result when these two can find each other. Nicole Richie and Joe Madden haven married since 2010 and also F1 champion Goat Kimi Raikoenen was married with a passionate Rooster lady for more than eight years.. What a pity, that male Rooster will be less impressed by Goat Gals as they are one of those very few, where his charm might not work as well as with most other Ladies.

The best choice for female Rooster

Rooster and Horse

For economic reasons this would be a wise decision for Rooster Ladies, though body and mind will not find the excitement and comfort, which they can receive from other partners.

Still, Horse women and men are a highly popular choice among Rooster, but often without the real bells of passion ringing.

Good potential

Rooster and Snake

Female Snakes are truly interesting for Rooster males, but they will have to come up with something special to make them stay, as recently also Tom Hiddleston has failed to keep "Snake" Taylor Swift entertained.

Snake males require their partnerships to be without any disturbances or any stressful moments, what doesn't offer Rooster Ladies enough space for emotional outbursts.

Limited potential

Rooster in Fashion

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Anja Gockel
Famous German fashion designer Anja Gockel has also been born in a year of the Rooster and the element of "passion" is playing a tremendous role in most of her collections and fashion shows.

Rooster in Music

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Howard Carpendale

Howard Carpendale from Durban, South Africa is having millions of female fans in Germany, who are all falling for him and his singing.


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