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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Rats

Best partners for Rats

Rats are very interesting and versatile lovers, who benefit a lot from their intense passion for studies and journeys into languages, lust and cultures, what often leads to a wide horizon that helps to enjoy any kind of activities.

Superb communication skills are one of their strongest assets and potentials partner will have to come up with something intelligent or the interest will melt in a minute.

In fact, her fantasies are often fairly kinky and may even flourish when being together with matured males, that are able to extend her wide range of experiences.

And she may even handle a line of lovers as flexible as Mr. Rat, who also requires a nice shape to feel attracted.

Chinese Horoscope symbol Rat

Rats in Love

About Female Rats

Rat Ladies can be a real men eaters when enjoying a line of partners at the same time as widely explained by Dita Von Teese, who said, that she needs to have a minimum of three ardent lovers.

Obviously not all Rat year born Ladies are living that kind of a lifestyle, but they are known for being real vamps, what makes them perfect for Monkey and Rooster males, who can easily enjoy and please a cute and charming and eloquent Rat Lady.

About Male Rats

Certainly not all Rat year born males are as active as former Italian President Silvio "Bunga Bunga" Berlusconi, who is well known for spending millions of Euros on good looking escorts and wildest parties.

But certainly Mr. Rat does attract a lot of females with his intellectual and financial abilities, so that being a loyal partner can be some kind of a challenge unless he has found a Lady, who can keep him permanently excited.

Rat and Dragon

What a superb couple this is right next to a classic Rat / Monkey relationship as both enjoy being sociable and having fun as well besides making money by using their clever brains.

Lewis Hamilton and Bajan "Dragon" Rihanna are currently one of the hottest couples on the planet.

In fact hhey can excite each other easily as also shown by General David Patraeus and his hot and clever "Rat" Paula Broadwell, what has even worked for a while, but in the end some more depth, warmth and heat will be desired and the Rat will move on.

One of the best options for both

Rat and Rabbit

Not a bad idea as revealed by Vanessa Paradis and her former Rabbit Johnny Depp and by Charlize Theron had simply dumped her Sean Penn in 2015.

Fine potential with the Rat in charge

Rat and Tiger

Eminem has stepped twice on tragedy with his Tigress Kim when blood, murder and jealousy had spoiled their intense passion.

Potential exists, but with danger in the air

Rat and Ox

Rats love communication and that`s where they can meet. Long relationships are no exceptions for those two and Mark Zuckerberg seems to be happy with his wife Priscilla Chan since many years.

Potential exists

Rat and Rat

They get on well in nature and also as human beings, what was shown by Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner and their three kids.

Superb potential

Rat and Pig

A powerful sex driven combination with great anticipation and some lovely communication going on.

Finest potential

Rat and Dog

Not a bad option, but the Dogs will have to develop more style and passion to keep a smart Rat excited. And no there are Sean Penn and Madonna trying it all the way again.

Some potential

Rat and Rooster

That may work for a while for a Rat Lady, but in the end more depth and heat will be desired. Much bigger are the chances for male Rats, who might easily become addicted to the infinite desires of those highly passionate Rooster Ladies.

Surely worth a try

Rat and Monkey

One of the by far best and most adventurous encounters, where body and soul will find greatest pleasure.

When two soul mates inspire each other ...

Rat and Goat

Friendship and work are great and also good relationships are possible as shown by "Goat" Jenson Button and his gorgeous model Jessica Michibata, who seem to enjoy hottest sensual moments and a fine marriage.

Finest potential

Rat and Horse

A great chance in particular for the Horse Ladies to can share their ideas about style and fashion and a posh life.

But also Formula 1 mogul "Horse" Bernie Ecclestone had some good fun with his former wife Slavica.

There is potential

Rat and Snake

Liz "Snake" Hurley had greatest pleasure with her former "Rat" Hugh Grant and both symbols enjoy each other`s intelligence, though at times the Rats can be a bit to industrious and pushy.

Good potential

Rats on TV

Chinese Horoscope Rat Nina Ruge
German TV star Nina Ruge has impressed as one of the best presenters and journalists, but also through her exciting looks and tremendous charm.

Rats in Sport

Chinese Horoscope Rat Oliver Luck
Oliver Luck has been the successful president of the NFL Europe, a quarterback for the Houston Oilers and now he is the proud father of America's new quarterback star "Snake" Andrew Luck, who is following the path of "Snake" Tom Brady.

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