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Chinese Horoscope Rat character

Character and mentality of the Rat

One of the most ambitious and passionate symbols inside the Chinese Zodiac is certainly the Rat.

Ms. Rat

Many cute and clever ladies are born in the years of the Rat such as Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Dita Von Teese and Carmen Electra.

They are smart, open-minded, often well traveled and one of the deepest thinkers and most passionate partners.

Most of them are highly talented when it comes to computers and communication, what opens a wide range of professional opportunities and any job in writing or PR works out very well for them.

Good dinners, a little shopping and health related wellness are other topics, that the Rat Ladies can enjoy to the fullest.

Her outstanding versatility can take her also into all kinds of spiritual encounters, while any success in sport has remained remained an exception.

For example in Tennis they have only won 14 Grand Slam titles during the last 100 years and only the Rabbit and Tiger Ladies have won even less in comparison to more that 60 title wins for the Horse and Rooster Ladies.

Instead watching an interesting movie or a journey into a nice and sunny region can put a smile on her face while sophisticated communicators seem to be the men, she can enjoy most.

Savings and a stable background are also very important for the Rat year born Ladies, who are well known for their materialistic ambitions and their immaculate dress code.


Of course it is absolutely impossible, to feel bored when spending time with a Rat year born Lady.


Male Rat

Mr. Rat is one of the smartest diplomats by being a witty and impressive talker, who is nearly always well dressed to impress.

For him it is also important to be equipped and prepared for any possible situation and that's why some of them love to collect all kind of items that could turn out to be useful.

Another huge talent is his ability to learn languages as fast as the Monkeys or Pigs can do, but he will be coming up with a much higher precision rate.

Needless to mention, that a lot of Ladies are impressed by his eloquent mind and elegant outfits.

A problem might be, that Mr. Rat is always on the move and after something, which brings him in touch with so many opportunities, that he might get confused here and there.

And as Rats love to have the very best of everything, their lives will always be very very busy.


Chinese Horocope symbol Rat

Rat in Sports

Chinese Horocope

Interesting to see, that male Rats have been extremely successful in nearly all sports from Golf, to soccer, Tennis, Formula 1 and in American Football, where they have won many Super Bowls on various positions.

At the same time only very few Rat Ladies have impressed with sportive contributions and Joan Hartigan had been their very best with having won three Australian Open titles between 1933 and 1936. In recent years there were Samantha Stosur, Marion Bartoli and Conchita Martínez, who were able to win at least one Grand Slam tournament.

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Mr. Rat

Chinese Horoscope Rat Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis is extremely smart and his comments are razor sharp, precise and often highly provocative in order to make a discussion more lively and interesting. And as the Chinese say, the Rat is always ready to attack.


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