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The 2014 Year of the Horse was as great as predicted with two World Championship titles to become the Symbol of the Year for global leadership in Formula 1, FIFA Football and with a No.1 in Golf. Also the Year of the Goat brought some nice wins.

Rats in the 2016 Monkey Year

In Spain Pedro Sánchez is having problems in forming a government.

FIFA kingpin Joseph Blatter has become afraid of leaving Switzerland after investigations were intensified and Real Madrid's manager Rafael Benítez fears about his job after his team was thrashed by Barcelona.

Lewis Hamilton has won his third Formula 1 Championship and Idris Elba is getting named as a potential new James Bond.

Rats in the 2015 Goat Year

German-Jamaican Dustin Brown has knocked Tiger Rafael Nadal off the Wimbledon courts and now he might become the next superstar in Jamaica and Germany.

Rabbit cutie Charlize Theron had simply dumped Sean Penn.

Lewis Hamilton took his next Formula 1 championship and even Joseph Blatter was unlikely to resign, just like his brother Silvio Berlusconi.

What is goin' on with the Rats?

Lewis Hamilton got robbed by his Mercedes team and Joseph Blatter seems to have reached his end with the current FIFA scam.

Russian billionaire Sergei Polonsky got deported from his own Cambodian luxury island into Dragon Putin's prison, where he is expected to stay for a very long time.

Dennis Hopper has died of prostate cancer at 74.

Julianne Moore has won an Oscar for her role in "Still Alice" while Richard Linklater didn't get to far with his movie "Boyhood".

Tom Brady`s guard Sebastian Vollmer from Rhein Fire City Duesseldorf has become the very first German winning a Super Bowl while Kate Perry had delivered most of the Half-time Entertainment.

Portuguese former Football legend Louis Figo is aiming to replace FIFA President Joseph Blatter.

Rats in the 2014 Horse Year

German Football coach Juergen Loew has won the FIFA World Cup in Brazil with four Dragons on the field defeating the host and also Argentina.

Bono broke a few bones in a bicycle accident.

Lewis Hamilton took his second Formula 1 Championship after having won 11 out of 19 races.

Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall has died at 89.

Bono got widely criticized for his Apple CD.

Kate Perry did score an MTV award for "best female Video".

Martin Kaymer became a No. 1 in Golf.

Yulia Timoschenko called for a war against Dragon Vladimir Putin.

Mark Zuckerberg made big cash by selling a lot of his facebook shares.

Rats at the FIFA World Cup

With 12 victories the Rat Coaches had been the by far most successful ones during the tournament, while the those Rats on the field had only scored eight goals.

Manager Juergen Loew has won the FIFA World Cup with Germany alongside his team leader Bastian Schweinsteiger after they had thrashed Brazil and former champion coach Felipe Scolari with an epic 7:1 before defeating Argentina in the final with 1:0, similar to the same score back in the 1990 year of the Horse, when the Germans had won against the Argentineans with Diego Maradona on the field.

Rats in the 2013 Snake Year

Mark Zuckerberg has been the Rat of 2013 with having managed the turn around at facebook.

In Italy Silviso Berlusconi got banned from politics.

Formula 1 pilot Lewis Hamilton is still crying over the loss of Horse Nicole Scherzinger while prime investor Carl Icahn is getting in control of Apple.

The Italian politicians Beppe Grillo and Silviso Berlusconi had been the first top winners of 2013 as well as Hassan Rohani, who took over the lead in Iran.


Rats in the 2012 Dragon Year

Berlusconi is gunning to return to presidency.

Lewis Hamilton grabbed a very lucrative new contract at Mercedes and also his Horse Nicole came back to him.

Jon Huntsman had wanted to become US President.

Mark Zuckerberg had a bumpy facebook IPO.

Thomas Langmann won the Best picture Oscar with The Artist and Jean Dujardin made Best Actor.

Rats in 2011 Year of the Rabbit

A much more soothing vibe had been expected with the year of the Rabbit but the overall results were pretty bad including the death of Václav Havel, the end of Bunga Bunga Silvio Berlusconi in Italy and Dictator Ben Ali in Tunisia.

Also the two Formula 1 pilots Robert Kubica and Lewis Hamilton had a very painful year to remember as well as John Galliano who messed up his unique career at the House of Dior with anti-Semitic talks.

Shaquille O'Neal had to retire.

Tom Hooper has been one of only a winners with his Oscar as well as Martin Kaymer who became a new Number One in Golf while Mark Zuckerberg has remained the global top Rat.

Tom Hooper has scored the top Oscar and Martin Kaymer is the new Number 1 in Golf.

Eminem scored another Grammy for the Album of the year named "Recovery".

Formula 1 lost Robert Kubica who is facing severe injuries after a brutal crash during some Ralley event. In fact his third serious crash over the past few years.

Football Coach Rabbit Mike McCarthy took Super Bowl away from Champion Coach Michael Tomlin.

Dictator Ben Ali got kicked out of Tunesia and in Italy Silvio Berlusconi is likely to face charges in conjunction with his patronage of a 17 year old prostitute.

Wall Street expert William Daley became the Chief of Staff at Ox Obama.

Time Magazine`s Man of the year facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has increased the value of his operation to $50 billion with now also new heavyweight partners in China and Russia.

Kelly Osbourne complained about a crooked lover and Scarlett Johansson had dumped her Dragon Ryan Reynolds.

Lewis Hamilton and Horse Nicole Scherzinger broke up.


Rats in the 2010 Tiger Year

Searching again for great lovers ended Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Osbourne.

Almost 25% of all Football FIFA World Cup Teams were led by Rat coaches such as Diego Maradona, Ottmar Hitzfeld and Jogi Loew, but all fell to Tiger Vincente del Bosque and the Dutch Kung Fu Dragon Marwijk.

Also on the field most of the big teams were driven by a Rat with Iniesta, Sebastian Schweinsteiger, Carlos Teves and Wesley Snijder.

FIFA Boss Joseph Blatter was getting heavily critizised for having sold her World Cup to Qatar.

In Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton did score a few Grand Prix wins, but too many mistakes and drop outs had spoiled his season.

Silvio Berlusconi remained in charge of Italy despite a few new scams.

At the FIFA Football World Cup Jogi Loew kicked out Diego Maradona by 4:0.

Lewis Hamilton had won the Istanbul Grand Prix and at the French Open Robin Soederling and Samantha Stosur took out Rooster Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

Lewis Hamilton had won the Singapore Grand Prix and again Pussy Cat Horse Nicole Scherzinger.


Rats in the 2009 year of the Ox

Borat Sasha Cohen Baron`s Bruno has been a flop.

David Carradine died in Bangkok after Sex games and Lewis Hamilton was angry with his McLaren Mercedes car.

President Berlusconi has another fling scam.

Borat & Eminem were the Top Act at the MTV Award and Dita Von Teese admitted, that she is keeping a minimum of three lovers.

Tiger Nadal lost his first Match at the French Open after 31 wins and four titels against Swede Robin Soederling, who lost the final against Rooster Federer.

Before also Michael Chang and Ivan Lendl had impressed at the French Open.

Eminem did clean up with a new Album.

Coach Felipe Scolari was fired at the FC Chelsea and Julia Timoschenko had Stress with Dragon Putin.

Argentina's Maradona had almost failed to qualify with his team for the World Cup which is run by FIFA President Joseph Blatter.

President Berlusconi got injured in an attack.

Scarlett Johansson has married Dragon Ryan Reynolds,

Fox Mulder David Duchovny had treatment against his sex addiction.

Charlton Heston died at 84.


Chinese Horocope symbol Rat

Best years for Rats

In the Rat year 2008 Lewis Hamilton did win his first Formula 1 Championship title and at the very end of the 2003 / 2004 Goat year Mark Zuckerberg wrote the code for his Facebook.

Chinese Horoscope charts

In the year of the Ox

Chinese Horoscope Rat Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis got hired by "Rabbit" Sting for a first time in the 1985 year of the Ox.

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In the year of the Snake

Chinese Horoscope Rat Andy Penders

During the 2001 year of the Snake Andy Penders did create ESPN Star Sports for millions of Football fans from around Asia.

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