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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Oxen

The best partners for Ox

Some sign groups are certainly not ideal for the Oxen. For example the Goats, who are their total opposite in terms of mentality and requirements.

Also the Tiger and Monkey sign groups don't seem to be a good match at all, though there might be some rare exceptions.

Chinese Horocope symbol Ox

Oxen in love

About Female Oxen

Mr. Ox may even enjoy doing the housewife for a Mr. Goat, but in general the risk factor is fairly high as shown by Kate Moss and her former "Goat" Lover Pete Doherty, who usually didn't give a damn at all.

In fact, relationships with those Ox Ladies, who are born close to the end of the previous Tiger year ain't easy at all, what surely applies also to Super model Kate Moss.

Certainly a fine match for Ox Ladies are those males, who are born in the years of the Dragon and the Pig.

About Male Oxen

In terms of ideal partnership Dogs, Snakes, Rooster and Horses are most likely a good match because they share their desire for down to earth relationships.

Interesting is also the Ox Rabbit combination, which is shown by the Obamas.

Chinese Horocope

George Clooney was seduced into marriage by Snake Amal Alamuddin.

More trends

Ox and Dragon

It might be difficult at times for Oxen to catch one those usually high flying Dragons, but it may work well as long as they don't disrupt the flight and support their dreams.

Ox and Rabbit

Why not, but Rabbits won`t be able to say that much as shown by Michelle Obama next to big Barack. But also the Buffalo Ladies seem to feel attracted by male Rabbits when looking at Simone Biles and her passion for Rabbit Zac Efron.

Ox and Tiger

Two big egos had clashed when Jane Fonda got married to Tiger Ted Turner. Also a couple like Tigress Lindsay Lohan with Dennis Rodman might be very hard to imagine. Certainly not easy for both.

Ox and Ox

At least for four years Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk had been a happy couple, what has shown, that there is some good potential in such relationships.

Ox and Rat

Rats love movements and communication and that`s where they can meet, so that long relationships are not exceptional at all.

Ox and Pig

Pigs like it funky and most Oxen would like to know, what this means.

But both are sociable and will be able to launch some kind of small talk instantly as potential exists

Ox and Dog

Monica Lewinsky and her Bill "Dog" Clinton could have been a great couple, but Piggy Hillary was smart and cold-blooded enough.

Ox and Rooster

Melanie Griffiths had good fun with Don Johnson and Renee Zellweger with George Clooney, at least for a while.

But in the long run the potential might be limited as Rooster requires a lot of dedication.

Obviously there is always a good chance for a hot fling as male Oxen enjoy the intense sexuality of the Rooster year born Ladies, while female Oxen could fail to some attractive Rooster and elegant males.

Usually not for long

Ox and Monkey

Monkeys are likely to confuse and stress the Oxen to their very limits. But usually they will realize when they are on a wrong tree as shown by Monkey Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and by Monkey Jamie Hince, who couldn't please Kate Moss well enough.

Rare and risky

Ox and Goat

Almost impossible in terms of feelings, but a popular practical solution for Mr. Goat as long as as Ms. Ox is willed to do the housework.

And there might even be some strong passion like shown by Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, both were living on different emotional planets

Ox and Horse

A fine combination, which works well in soccer and in politics, also shown Mette and Hakon in Norway.

Certainly one of the best choices for a lasting relationship.

Nice one

Ox and Snake

Sensitive Snakes enjoy and dread the much more physical Oxen at the very same time, what doesn't make it easy for the both of them.

Oxen also tend to dominate and Snakes would have to follow and listen to make it work.

And usually the Snakes are much smarter and will drop their Oxen after a while. In fact, a classic scenario.

But let's see, how far George Clooney and "Snake' Amal Alamuddin can carry the flag.


Not easy at all

Gay Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Ox
Karma chameleon Boy George stands for the homo erotic wing of the male Oxen.

Video interview

Gay Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Ox
Years ago at a New York Nightclub Gucci's Tom Ford had realized, that he was gay.


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