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Chinese Horoscope Ox character

Character and mentality of the Ox

In the Chinese Astrology the Oxen are expected to be something like "the preservers", what may explain, that the "Change" slogan of Barack Obama wasn't about instant or drastic changes and why the Guantanamo Bay prison is still a part of America's policy.

Madam Ox

Besides their strong passion for social events, high life parties and festivities, most Ox Ladies are primarily seeking economic wealth and stability for having a solid foundation for a good family life.

Her ambitions can be large and her methods even ruthless at times. But once she has the feeling of being in the right place, she could definitely become a most solid anchor of a family, a business or a sports team.

Responsibilities are well positioned with her, so that anyone seeking a reliable wife or hard working partner, will need to consider her as an ultimate choice.

Besides all that, Ox gals can also be a little rough and into some serious party business like shown by Kate Moss and Keira Knightley, who seem to love four letter words madly.



Daddy Ox

Mr. Ox is one of the real men and perhaps only Mr. Tiger and Mr. Horse can come somehow near the size of his classic male virtues.

Physical strength, large willpower and giant energy help to resist against any illness and misfortune, so that a long and lasting career can be expected.

Giving up on anything doesn`t suit an Ox male and whoever tries to get in his way should be prepared to challenge one of the most stubborn behaviors, as pain does not even seem to exist for an Ox.

In business the two Google owners and Irish Ryan Air entrepreneur Michael O´Leary display their unmatched conquering virtues similar to Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon. Veni, vidi, vici.

Therefor convincing an Ox can be a difficult mission, because this natural born ruler has the unpleasant weakness of only limited listening abilities, so that explanations have to be as straight as possible.

At the same time it becomes obvious, that Mr. Ox enjoys talking to the max and that his outfits can mean a lot for him, what makes him so attractive for all those fashion conscious Ladies, who are born in the years of the Rat.


Chinese Horocope symbol Ox

Oxen strikers

Chinese Horocope

European Football prides a line famous Oxen strikers, who seem to be spending a lot of time at hair specialists.

Most famous is certainly Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by Wayne Rooney, former Gunner's Lukas Podolski and the German Brazilian Mario Gomez.

All high caliber strikers, full of self esteem, but often criticized.

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Political Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Ox Boy George

Highly political and very committed is Boy George in terms of gay matters. In 2010 he had even demanded a boycott of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in response to repercussions on gay people in several African countries.

At the same time political history has been written by Oxen such as Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Richard Nixon.

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Business Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Ox Tom Ford

Gucci's Tom Ford hasn't been much of a Fashion innovator, but he did streamline collections by focusing on what is popular and what is needed. And he had made Gucci look perfect for the masses.




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