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The Pyromaniacs
Rhein Fire Cheerleaders

Here the Rhein Fire Cheerleaders were getting ready for the highlight game of the season against Mike Jones and his Frankfurt Galaxy.

At peak times the German derby had pulled in crowds of up to over 50.000 and of course that had always triggered a lot of enthusiasm and concentration.

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Kathalene Taylor

Kathalene Taylor Cheerleaders coach

Kathalene Taylor came from L.A. to coach the Pyromaniacs.

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Pyromaniacs Cheerleaders

Matching lipstick and pierced belly buttons had become a trend around the year 2005 among the Rhein Fire Cheerleaders.


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Rhein Fire Cheerleaders

Rhein Fire Cheerleaders at work, where looking sexy wasn't prohibited.

Rhein Fire Cheerleaders


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