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Tiger Mask Naoto Date

What a wonderful story came in from Japan.

Naoto Date is the name of the Japanese Manga hero "Tiger Mask" who has contributed new schoolbags to an Orphan's Home.

The story is ...... Naoto doesn't have parents and he grew up in an Orphan's Home.

He became a professional wrestler put the mask of Tiger on his face and he fought evils.

He continued contributing fight money to Orphan's Homes and ow, there are many "Naoto Date" in Japan.

One day, an Orphan's Home received some school bags for new student of elementary school from a person who pretended to be "Naoto Date".

These Schoolbag are expensive because they are strong, so that students can use them for many years.
After the news shows had reported about it a lot of people became "Naoto Date" and a lot of schoolbags were given orphan homes.

The phenomenon still continues.

A story from Japanese deco artist by Mayumi Nakamura

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