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Chinese Horoscope ideal partners for Goats

Best partners for the Goat

Inside the Chinese Zodiac the Goat symbol stands for a highly creative force and that's what they are also inside a relationship.

That's why being with them is usually as entertaining and interesting as most of their lives.

But only with some symbols of the Chinese Horoscope the Goat year born seem to be getting on so very well, while with others the communication does not seem to work out at all.


Chinese Zodiac symbol Goat

Goats relationship

About Male Goats

Obviously on the wrong track had been Mel Gibson with his marriage to "Ox" Robyn Moore Gibson, which did cost him in the end some $425 million while the much more wealthy Rupert Murdoch got away with only a $100 million for his divorce from "Monkey" Anna Murdoch Mann.

Even more moderate had been "Monkey" Jerry Hall when breaking up with Mick Jagger for an estimated sum between $15 and $25 million.

About Female Goats

Goat girls are sometimes hard to digest and most obviously a Julia Roberts, Pamela Anderson or a Nina Hagen are surely not that easy to handle despite their warm hearts and good characters.

Rabbit "Tiger" Woods had learned it the hard way when he had to give Elin Nordegren an astonishing $100 million for their marriage over six years while "Horse" Paul McCartney got away from Heather Mills for only $48 million.

Chinese Horocope

Being a highly emotional and sensitive partner makes it necessary for all Goat year born folks to avoid complicated relationships or any kind of a crazy love life, what might only be fine during young age.

But once a bit of maturity has been achieved, a warm and passionate relationship is what they always desire and what helps them to unfold their creativity to the fullest.

More trends

Goat and Dragon

Dragon males are a superb option for Goat Ladies as shown by Nicole Kidman and her good friend "Dragon" Lenny Kravitz. But also Mr. Goat may like a lively Dragon Lady and vice versa as there might be a lot of kinky fantasies involved.

Great potential

Goat and Rabbit

Rabbits might enjoy the Goats, but some deep understanding can be very difficult to achieve as shown by Ike and "Rabbit" Tina turner. But Steve Jobs and his "Rabbit" Laurene Powell had a happy marriage.

Potential is not always guaranteed

Goat and Tiger

The classic and most painful trap with deepest love and penetrating passion, often ending in misery.

Simply remember Bruce Willis and Demi Moore as well as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Instant passion, strong desire and serious pain

Goat and Ox

Fire and water at all levels and the only question is: Who will suffer more ?

Very limited potential

Not easy

Goat and Rat

Friendship and work are great and also relationships are possible, but hard to find. Nevertheless, Jenson Button and his Rat Jessica Michibata seem to be having some wonderful years and a happy marriage since the beginning of the Goat year.

Obviously very promising

Goat and Pig

Another superb option for all levels with greatest fun in bed included. And certainly Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez are a fine example just like Maxima and Prince Alexander.

Instant passion is likly to happen

Goat and Dog

No chance at all, no matter how hard Pamela Anderson had tried it with her Lover "Dog" Kid Rock.

Mission impossible

Goat and Rooster

Ms. Chicken will be shaken by the intensity and lots of kids are a frequent result when these two find each other. Pity, that Mr. Cock will be less impressed by the Goat Gals and vice versa.

Intense passion between female Rooster and male Goats seems to be guaranteed

Goat and Monkey

What a superb option as shown by Monkey Danny Moder and his Julia Roberts. Mick Jagger and "Monkey" Jerry Hall, who is now with Rupie Murdoch. And Keith Richards has been married to Patti Hansen since several decades.

Serious passion is possible

Goat and Goat

A bit of a craze in the house and relationships are fairly rare, but Carla Bruni and her Nicolas Sarkozy are still married.

Intense passion is possible

Goat and Horse

That may work for some time as shown by Barbara and Goat Boris Becker, Horse McCartney and Goat Heather Mills and sexy Goat Kate Hudson with Rock Horse Chris Robinson.

Other famous Goat and Horse couples are Bruce Willis with Emma Hemming and Jenson Button with model Brittny Ward.

It might start very hot, but then problems might arise

Goat and Snake

For friendship and work these two are a fine match and also some smooth relationships are possible.

Fine potential

Jenson Button

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Goat Jenson Button
Formula 1 champion Jenson Button was enjoying a wonderful relationship with gorgeous Japanese lingerie model "Rat" Jessica Michibata thanks to his gentle sensitivity, which has been shown so many times on and off the racing tracks.

Rasmus Faber

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Goat Rasmus Faber
Swedish musician Rasmus Faber enjoys keeping his private life fully private and so do most of the Goat year born males including the famous French couple Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, who was known for going berserk on reporters in case they had published anything, that wasn't fully authorized by him.


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