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Chinese Horoscope Goat character

Character and mentality of the Goat

In the Chinese Astrology the Goat year born have never been very popular as Chinese people don't rate individualism very high, what might be the reason for the fact, that they have been much more successful in copying than in inventing.

.At the same time Western people have fallen in love with "freaky" artists like for example Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and Nina Hagen, who would have been arrested in China on many occasions.

.All that explains, why Chinese parents have preferred to get their baby in those years of the Dragon and Horse and that only very few are born in the years of a Goat.

But now China's wise President "Snake" Xi Jinping has appointed the creative Li Keqiang as his premier and strategic coach and advisor, what reminds of the Rolling Stones, who had combined the creativity of the two wild Goats Mick and Keith with the much more grounded "Snakes" Bill Wyman and Charly Watts..

Ms. Goat

Goat Ladies are frequently a bit crazy and a lively encounter with fine skills in entertainment and for being a real celebrity.

Her big contribution is to bring some color into the gray world and to have a deeper look into the meaning of things.

She can write cute books for children taking them into a fairy tale lands, where the sun may shine forever.

She can be a pioneer in fashion, business and even sex life, where she is looking for wider horizons than any other sign.

In fact they are perhaps the most creative women and can be compared with the outstanding creativity of the male Goats.

In fact she demands a lot, but she can also give a lot.

"I want it all and I give it all" is one of her favorite statements, which is fully expressing her behaviors, desires and ambitions.


Don Goat

Mr. Goat can be a magician or a disaster without even knowing why and when.

His thoughts are sometimes so very different, that the majority of other symbols is having tremendous difficulties in figuring out, what Mr. Goat may have in mind.

That`s why only Rats, Monkeys, Snakes, Tigers, Dragons and Pigs are able to enjoy the Goat`s wide range of crazy and creative talents, which have often lead to new horizons for those, who are able to jump on his bandwagon.

Goats are mostly friendly, open minded and enjoy some quality communication. They dread ill mannered and bad minded individuals and prefer things being fully in tune.

A big challenge for Goats is their fragile health and mind, what they usually love to ignore until severe symptoms may tell them to watch out and to make adjustments.

A look at all those failed celebrity Goats will explain a lot about their character and difficulties when looking at the life of such immense talents like Mel Gibson, Pete Dougherty, Paul Gascoigne and all those sad suicide cases such as Heath Ledger, Curt Cobain, L'Wren Scott and perhaps also Jim Morrison.


Chinese Zodiac Horocope symbol Goat

Goat head coaches and computers

With 11 Super Bowl wins of the Goat year born head coaches have won the most and Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll and Jimmy Johnson have taken nine trophies while Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Nolan Bushnell have given us Windows, Mac and Atari.

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Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Goat Joe Smith

Running back Joe Smith had not only been an excellent player for the Rhein Fire, he had also gone out to sing and play the guitar for his fans.

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