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Trumpet on
Times Square

New York street music can be impressive and not really in the middle, but at the end of all the bright neon lights one may find this soulful, passionate and wonderful fellow, who is playing his trumpet all through the night while hoping for some small contributions, that could ease his financial burdon.

Talking to him reveals some sort of a heart, that one may hope to find in America on a better day, when not only power and money will rule left, center and right.

Eyes can say more than words at times and being a man of Jazz has still a much deeper meaning, than what most pop is all about.

May this unknown messenger play forever and find some wealthy sponsor to secure his wintertime days.

His playing is as great as his wit and humor, but even the very best musicians do not make a big buck as everything also seems to depend on where you stand on the open fortune scale.

Trumpet on Times Square

Photo from trumpet on Times Square

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Trumpet on Times Square

Trumpet on Times Square

Trumpet on Times Square

This man can play and he knows a lot, but surviving in New York ain`t that easy and Jazz will always remain Jazz and not become a profitable music for the masses.

Trumpet on Times Square

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