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Welcome to Barbados

The wealthy Island state of Barbados is an independent Commonwealth member with only around 250.000 citizens but over many tourists, who can select from a wide range of rooms that range from quality budget for US$ 40 up to deluxe accommodations for US$ 1.000 per night.

A list of all available hotels and guesthouses can be obtained at the local tourist board.

Another great economy is the Pegwell In on the Southcoast  near St. Lawrence Gap for US$ 14 and US$ 25 $ during high season.

Nightlife in Barbados

Mojo Pub owner Mark

The best places on Barbados selected by Mojo Pub owner Mark.

Barbados feeling

Photo from Barbados

Legendary Mini Bus drivers & Pool Billiard Champions for the true Barbados feeling.

Barbados nightlife

Andy Crick Gap Bar Barbados

Catch some helpful clues from Andy Crick, the owner of the infamous Gap Bar.
Video 1 | Video 2

Oistins Barbados

Oistins Barbados

A must visit venue are those cute fried fish restaurants in Oistins on a Friday night.

Superspade Barbados

Superspade Roy Best

Singer and drummer Roy Best had been with Adidas in Germany.

Animals in Barbados

Animals in Barbados

Turtles on Barbados are living with the Green Monkeys.
Crazy video | slow video


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Barbados Map

Driving around Barbados is excellent fun as all roads are in a good condition and distances ain't too long between most venues.

In addition there are comfortable public buses and mini buses at very affordable rates available and often even equipped with superb Reggae music at convincing volume.


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Bridgetown Barbados

The charming Caribbean capital Bridgetown is always fun to visit as the amount of excellent shopping and dining facilities has become truly impressive.


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