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Chinese Horoscope Rabbit character

Rabbit Character and mentality

One of the most sensitive and passionate symbols inside the Chinese Zodiac is certainly the Rabbit.

Ms. Rabbit

Rabbit Ladies are usually soft and gentle, so that they look out for strong shoulders, who can to protect their thin skin.

Too bad, that their tragedy lies often in a wrong choice of lovers, what is frequently ending in tears, abuse and misery.

Whitney Houston was just one classic example of a sad relationship with her violent "Monkey" Brown, but somehow not only a few Rabbits seem to enjoy some suffering at times.

Tattoos is what many of them love to the max and also deep sensual affairs are high appreciated, in particular when experimental facets are included.

Apart from that, she is wonderful, sensitive and sensual to make her one of the most desirable women with all her fine talents.

In particular in media, fashion and sports her versatility can bring pleasure and other amazing rewards.


Male Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit has great talents for Sports of all kinds as he can move so well by combining intelligence, feeling and athletics to match his appreciation for aesthetics.

Accuracy is another subject that he can get off on, so that his housing conditions are usually showing highest standards in stylish arrangements.

Inside teams the Rabbit could be a great leader, if he is able to overcome his occasional ego problems and to listen more closely to friends, who may have some good advice more often than he is usually accepting.

Jobwise he can be an excellent assistant at second level, where he can prove his skills with tightest contributions in order to receive a sufficient amount of compliments, which he needs badly in order to reach peak level.

Apart from that he has to watch out for those signs, who love to abuse Mr. Rabbit as some kind of a victim in critical situations.



Chinese Zodiac Horocope symbol Rabbit

Rabbits in Sport

Chinese Horocope

For several years now the Rabbit year born athletes seem to be in control of many popular sports with various top guns in Formula 1, Tennis, FIFA Football and also American NFL Football, where they have given their fans several champions head coaches.

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Mr. Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Rabbit Lawrence Phillips

Lawrence Phillips had been an NFL running back until his behaviors went a bit unusual and now he is in jail for a long long while.


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