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Africa Videos
Africa videos

Internet TV from Africa with videos from Nana Tuffour and African party culture inside our African Channel

Ghana Highlife Party video 1 and video 2


Videos & Internet TV

13 years Internet TV Back in 1999 web62.com did stream many Dallas Cowboys interviews from the NFL Europe to football fans in America and around Europe. Video and story


Gary Stretch

Boxing champ and Hollywood actors Gary Stretch had given a great Interview.

Photos & story


Free Internet Television and streaming videos are expanding fast and classics100.com lists the top free Internet TV sites.

The EU is trying to gain more control over Internet TV stations with a set of costly regulations.

Video interviews

Charlie Webster
Charlie Webster

The one and only TV presenter Charlie Webster does it all. Boxing, marathon, charities, La Liga, racing and she knows David Beckham and Mourinho. Videos & photos


the Boy George interview
Boy George


Meeting him had been a positive surprise. Here's the exclusive Boy George videos, photos and story.


Barbados Internet TV

Free Internet TV with videos from the beautiful Caribbean Island Barbados.

Videos, photos & stories

Barbados Internet TV


Golf in Thailand with Bryan Lunt

Golf in Thailand with Absolute World Chairman Bryan Lunt. Video

Videos, photos & stories

Thailand Internet TV


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a land like no other ! That is the Island's famous marketing slogan


See Sri Lanka

The real Sri Lanka in 60 minutes - a fast rush through a land like no other.

Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Tsunami in Sri Lanka


Videos, photos & stories

Sri Lanka Internet TV


World News Today

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil had been a great event. Read More

Trail of Dead

Jason Reece from the great American Rock Band "Trail of Dead" had also talked about his wish for the US Election 2012.
Live concert videos with interviews, photos


Prince Sisowath Chittara

His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Chittara, a son of King Father Norodom Sihanouk had given a very moving video interview in the very late evening of October 15, 2012 about his country and his personal feelings on the saddest day in his life. youtoube video and photos from the Royal Palace


Business News

Two of the most explosive and solid Internet businesses in the world are heating up rapidly. Online travel bookings and Internet TV.

Read more




Latest videos Fashion Videos
See Conrad Keely

What a singer! Conrad Keely on Asian stages.

Live Concert 2012 Cambodia - 5 years
youtoube HD video


African guitar legend Ampofo Acquah

Lies - is an old song by Ampofo Acquah & badman X with a new video showing epic scenes from Côte d'Ivoire. Music Video


Phnom Tamao Zoo

See freely breading birds, the Indian Marabu, Elephants and more wildlife in Cambodia.


Japan / Cambodia

japanese manga

Japanese Culture and Manga is rolling out fast in Southeast Asia as we have just documented for trend setting WAORYO - Japanese Internet TV

Explore Japanese Manga, finest cousin and the exciting Ningyo Dolls. Photos, story and video


World Class African Live Reggae by Naby

Listen to what great folks from around the world would like to change.

Three little bats

Trumpet at night
on New York Times Square


Three little bats

Would you share your bedroom with 3 little bats ?


Umit Unal Designer Fashion

Designer fashion 2013 from Umit Unal Fashion Show Video


Beachwear shooting on Phuket

Beachwear shooting on Phuket


Model shooting on Phuket

Model shooting on Phuket


Music Videos

Shaggy @ World Bowl 2005

Reggae singer Shaggy talked @ web62.com Free Internet TV about music, Jamaica, producers. Video

More Reggae videos inside the Reggae Channel

World Class African Live Reggae by Naby

World Class African Live Reggae by Naby Video


Classic Fashion Videos

The House of Dior

The House of Dior
Lingerie Show Video



Amazing Graffiti arts from Paris, Asia and Germany. Videos & photos

Graffiti in Paris

VIP comments on Graffiti

web62.com videos

Free Internet TV is at a new stage and all new videos can be watched as youtube videos in addition to the old real videos



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