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Phuket Patong

It feels good to see, that traditional Muslims can mingle freely on all Thai beaches with Asian and Western bikini girls and don't seem offended by those ladies, who dare to obtain for topless sun bathing.


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Videos from Phuket

Christmas in Phuket

Christmas in Patong

Watch a beautiful Christmas morning on Bangla Road.

Phuket had celebrated the New Year with a giant firework on Patong Beach.

Thailand`s Super Model Odette Jacomin @ Phuket Fashion Week


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Burkhas on Patong Beach

Jetski and parasailing is also popular among the Burkha ladies as much as video and photo cameras.

Phuket Burkhas on Patong Beach, Thailandnext button

Burkhas on Patong Beach

Under extreme heat conditions it sometimes unfortunately occurs that a Burkha lady may faint or suffer from a heat stroke.

In such cases it may become vital, that doctors will receive the permission to lift the veil, what can be difficult depending upon the religious mindset of their husband.


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