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Phuket Patong

Perhaps "massage" is the most spoken word in some areas of Patong, where groups of girls are waiting outside of their parlors to flirt with every potential customers, who dares to walk by.

And the biggest venue is certainly Christine Massage, which can be found near the Jung Ceylon shopping center.


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Videos from Patong

Christmas in Patong

Watch a beautiful Christmas morning on Bangla Road.


Thailand`s Super Model Odette Jacomin @ Phuket Fashion Week

Phuket Patong Christin Massage
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Patong Christin Massage

Christin Massage has become very popular among Indian and Arab tourists, who seem to love some kind of a group feeling.

In fact they seem to be known for renting vans for a common group visit to the famous Christin Massage on Rat u Tit road.

Phuket Patong Christin Massage
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Patong Christin Massage

Right on Rat u Tit Road the Christin Massage complex offers best parking facilities for tour group buses.

But also the neighbouring building and streets are hosting countless massage places, where happy ending seems to be more important than any regular massage.


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