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Phuket Patong on photos & videos

Phuket Patong

Sunsets at Patong Beach are magnificent around June and July and Parasailing over the bay during the very late afternoon hours is stunning.

Here is a Sunset over Patong Beach video



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Videos from Phuket

Christmas in Phuket

Christmas in Patong

Watch a beautiful Christmas morning on Bangla Road.

Phuket had celebrated the New Year with a giant firework on Patong Beach.

Thailand`s Super Model Odette Jacomin @ Phuket Fashion Week


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Sunset on Patong beach

Before late shift working hours many bar and massage girls are coming out to Patong beach for relaxation or to find some first customers.

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Sunset Parasailing

Parasailing at sunset has become highly popular though it is not cheap at all with around 800 to 1000 THB for a few minutes.


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