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Kandy lifestyle photos from Sri Lanka

Kandy Sri Lanka

Kandy prides the most famous tooth temple in Sri Lanka which stores one of Lord Buddha`s teeth.

Sri Dalada Maligawa or Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic are the official names.



Kandy videos

The Mahavelli River Man

Watch a boat ride to the Mahavelli River Man.


Kandy Dance Sri Lanka

The Kandy Dancers
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Kandy Perehara Sri Lanka

The Kandy Perehara is happening each year in August.

Video 1 and Video 2

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Dalada Maligawa Templenext button

Dalada Maligawa Temple

The temple was founded in 1595 and in recent years it had been a popular target for the Tamil Tigers.


Kandy Lakenext button

Kandy Lake

A ride up to the Kandy view point is always nice as there are several restaurants to explore.

Very interesting is also a visit to the local food market, which is located next to the big bus station.


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