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Kandy lifestyle photos from Sri Lanka

Kandy Sri Lanka

Kandy is pretty much embedded into fast growing lush jungle and many beautiful places just look like a paradise to the nature conscious visitor.


In particular the botanic garden is a pride of Kandy and truly worth being visited whenever it is a bright and sunny day.

Kandy videos

The Mahavelli River Man

Watch a boat ride to the Mahavelli River Man, who makes a living from jumping down a small bridge.


Kandy Dance Sri Lanka

The Kandy Dancers
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Kandy Perehara Sri Lanka

The impressive Kandy Perehara is happening each year in August.

Video 1 and Video 2

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Kandy Botanical Garden

A good walk around the Botanical garden may take up to 5 hours to explore all the nice and interesting creations that the creative Sri Lankan gardeners are providing in this giant and extremely lush park.


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Kandy Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden is also very much liked by young school kids, who enjoy a nice and interesting day out with their teachers.


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