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Le Tour de Paris

Zinedine Zidane had been once again almost the top man on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees when he had nearly won the FIFA World Cup for France back in 2006.

But in the end he had to be satisfied with just one title win in 1998 which had already made him an eternal marketing icon in France.


Videos from Paris

Piere Carre

Photo from Piere Carre in Paris

Watch a video with the legendary Pierre Carrè, who has been singing at le Bar Noctambules since 40 years.

Graffiti in Paris

Tsunami aftermath in Sri Lanka

Graffiti in Paris is exciting, creative and very entertaining.

Video and the photos with story

Gipsy Jazz n' Eiffel

Common sense video Paris

Watch Gipsy Jazz in Paris inside a common sense video with also some cute views from below the Eiffel Tower.




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Gucci Fashion store Paris

The mighty $10 billion Fashion House Gucci prides this wonderful building in Paris.

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Pierre Cardin store

Pierre Cardin has always been one of the Fashion icons in Paris.


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