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Le Tour de Paris

The Avenue des Champs-Elysees is one of the prime luxury shopping destinations in the world with it's overwhelming variety of expensive flag stores that some of the top brands in the world are maintaining on this so very unique and wonderful street.


Videos from Paris

Pierre Carre

Photo from Pierre Carre in Paris

Watch a video with the legendary Pierre Carrè who has been singing at le Bar Noctambules at the Place Pigalle since 40 years.

Graffiti in Paris

Tsunami aftermath in Sri Lanka

Graffiti in Paris is exciting, creative and very colorful.

Video and the photos with story

Gipsy Jazz n' Eiffel

Common sense video Paris

Watch Gipsy Jazz in Paris in a common sense video with views from below the Eiffel Tower.




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Cartier on Champs Elysees

Christmas sales start early at the legendary Maison Cartier and tourist from around the world love to acquire some precious items so very close the the Arc de Triomphe.

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Cartier on Champs Elysees

Paris shopping has always been dominated by the image of superior elegance with a more stylish approach compared to their more traditional luxury counterparts in London where historical views had always been the more obvious attraction for Arab, American, Russian and Asian high end shoppers.


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