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The small capital Victoria and life in particular are utterly relaxing.

The colors of the sky are nothing but eye candy and the people are very friendly, what doesn´t seem to be a surprise when living within such an outstandingly beautiful environment with no poverty and a well organized infrastructure which includes convenient public transports and a free schooling system.

Very interesting are all those many shops which may shelter for example some way old Taiwanese toys, which might be kind of expensive on European antique markets.


How to get there

The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and the nearest continent is the coast of Kenya.

Inhabitants: 90.000 on 100 small islands while 24.000 are living on the main island with the name Mahe.

The capital is called Victoria, from where the small international Airport is only 6 miles away.

The local currency is the Rupee and 1 Dollar equals 13 Rupees.

Local languages: are a English, French and Creole.

The Religion is mostly roman catholic.

General Information is available at the Seychelles Tourist Board - Independence House Victoria / Mahe
P.O.B. 92 Seychelles Fax: (00248) 24035



The Seychelles offer a wide range of facilities from top of the line hotels for 700 US$ per night to reasonably prized guest houses for around $50 US.


Vaccination: Precautions against yellow fever are a must. Power supply: 240 Volt, 50 Hz., 3 pin plugs and sockets

Tip: 10% is the golden rule.

Sports: soccer, horse riding, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Snorkeling, Diving, Sailing, Surfing.

The climate is fully tropical and to be compared with islands like Jamaica, Barbados and similar environments.

Temperatures are around 30 degrees most of the year with 75% humidity during rainy seasons in May and June.

From November until January some rain can be expected. The water temperature is mostly around 28 degrees.


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The Seychelles

Also children are having a great time, with so much warm and shallow water around.

Perhaps their only risk might be some unaware parents, who might underestimate the intensity of the tropical sun.

This happened to a bunch of US Marines, who kept on chasing for their Frisbee all day long until they were perfectly prepared to compete with a red lobster in terms of their color.

Still, they seemed to have had a wonderful time on Beau Vallon Beach.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Seychelles

Driving around the island takes from one nice view to the next when countless bays and scenic spots can be explored.

And of course there are many different places where it is fun to sit down and to have a snack, meal or a few drinks.



Victoria Big Ben

Victoria Big Ben Seychelles

Wonderful is this small version of the London Clock tower which shows, that the Brits were in charge of the Seychelles. And while being far away from merry old England this small reminder of home must have felt good for them. What the Seychellois think about it, might surely be a different story as their memories of slave days are still alive although they are not often mentioned.


Victoria Seychelles

Heading towards Victoria from the beach side of the island requires a short drive across the hills.

And coming down again, a very nice view on Victoria is giving a good impression on the layout of the the capital.


Beau Vallon Road

Beau Vallon Road Seychelles

Driving over to the gorgeous Beau Vallon Bay is a great fun as that long and winding road over the hills is offering some superb views on Victoria.




Fish market Victoria

Fish Markt Seychelles

Superb selections of all kinds of fish at this regular market ensure, that some great cooking is available mostly everywhere.

A lovely array of different food flavors include Creole, African, Asian and European styles what makes the Seychelles so very attractive for gourmets.


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