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Phuket Patong on photos & videos

Phuket Patong

Christine Massage is obviously not for everyone, but Patong is certainly catering to all kinds of needs and just by walking around fun seekers are likely to any type of massage that might be desired.


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Christmas in Phuket

Christmas in Patong

Watch a beautiful Christmas morning on Bangla Road.

Phuket had celebrated the New Year with a giant firework on Patong Beach.

Thailand Phuket Beach Band Reggae Live Videos
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Thailand`s Super Model Odette Jacomin @ Phuket Fashion Week

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Bangla road girls

Christin Massage is offering a fairly high level of privacy and security while 500 meters away drinks and massage seem to go hand in hand on Bangla road, where everything seems possible.

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Patong bar girls

Many bar girls can be also rated as massage girls, but not all girls are what they are expected to be.

In fact, the amount of Ladyboys is tremendous as well as the number of those fun seekers, who find out about their "wrong" purchase when it's all too late.


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