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The Roar
Jaguars Cheerleaders

Robin Valetutto is the Manager and Choreographer of the Jaguar`s Cheerleading Program since many years who gave a special introduction.

Before she had worked for the Kansas City Chiefs, what made her looking back at a long career inside the NFL.

In her video interview she gave a nice introduction to Jacksonville and how it is, to become a Cheerleader in the World`s hottest League.

The Roar videos

Jaguars Cheerleaders live on stage

The Roar Live on stage

The three Roar cheerleaders also talked about their Middle East experience and cheerleading.

The Roar Cheerleaders reflecting on Graffiti

Phillipa Jaguars Cheerleaders

Phillipa interview


Stephanie Jaguars Cheerleaders

Stepanie interview


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Jaguars Robin Valetutto

Robin Valetutto interview

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Jaguars Cheerleader Mindy

Mindy was singing the American anthem combined in this video with a line of statements on "If I could change the world" with a snap of your fingers.

Mindy interview

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Jaguars Cheerleader Mindy


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