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The whole landing and stamp procedure only takes a few minutes which are mainly used for passport scans and for taking a photo with a tiny usb cam.

That way some few hundred visa runners from Thailand wash around $2.000 per day into Kaw Thaung town besides only some very few guests, who like to stay longer than only for those necessary 30 minutes.

Obviously the visa run industry is helping the Burmese military a lot.

But in the long run some growing environmental awareness might inspire the Thai government to reduce traffic related pollution by introducing some more sophisticated visa regulations.


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Myanmar visa run business

Myanmar welcomes it`s thousands of Thai visa clients inside this small building where a handful of hard working officers service mainly Western clients.

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Myanmar immigration office

Sometimes, when officers are too drunk, the Thai Visa Express guide is has to assist with stamping and handing out the passports.

Then the chief officer is receiving all passports one by one from the helping Thai hand while cracking an occasional joke with the foreigners.

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