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Best Free Webspace offers


At myownfreehost.net users are offered even some reseller features alongside unlimited free domain hosting and that's why myownfreehost.net seems to be the best free offer on the Internet in these days despite a few negative aspects such as the complete absence of any support.


Great offers are host-ed.net offers free domain hosting with 10 GB traffic and 1.000 MB free webspace.

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Free Webspace time wasters


1 TB traffic, cpanel and 1 TB Free Webspace without ads reads wonderful at i6networks.com, but the sign-up page does not work at all.

Another sad experience for free webspace users was the disappearance of freezoy.

Top Free Webhosts

1. atspace

2. freehostingservant

3. Limacity

4. host-ed

5. awardspace

5. freehostia

6. zymic

7. frihost

8. Byethost

Right said Fred
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Internet comments

Many bands like for example Faithless have expressed their resentments against some sectors of the Internet and back in the days it was Fred Fairbrass from the UK band Right said Fred, who had given some interesting comments on MP3, file sharing and other aspects of the IT world.

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Website tests

Website tests

Some may wonder, why there are not enough visitors coming to their website and a line of tests may reveal the reasons, that could range from slow speed to basic programming mistakes.

Costs for well performing websites start at $300 and you can use this contact to ask for a quote.

Check out the important website tests


Website tests

Good listings at searchengines are vital for most websites.

See how your website performs at searchengines



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