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Thailand Myanmar Visa run

These are just some pictures from the Thai side of the visa run.

Two Thai style meals were included in the package price of 1.400 Baht which also covers visa fees and the ferry ride.

Certainly a very competitive offer for such a fairly long journey. However one has to find the right agent to get the regular rate.

Some agents try to ad a few hundred Bath profit.


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Ranong immigration
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Ranong immigration

Back at the Royal Thai Ranong Immigration things went fast and all visa runners had received their entry stamps within seconds, but not without a scan of the passport.

After a small lunch it had been time to hit the road in order to reach Phuket by 7 p.m.

Not much time to see more of Ranong.

Ranong immigration
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Ranong immigration

Leaving Ranong immigration and heading back towards Phuket. 4,5 hours for 317 kilometers with two breaks on the way.

Some scenic nature including the occasional river and waterfall makes it an interesting journey when the weather is nice.

Myanmar to Phuket road


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