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The architecture inside the old parts of Paris feels like history though modern life is pretty much all over when looking at cars and electronics.

But overall any element of modern comfort seems well integrated with the posh Metro subway, finest Internet everywhere and well equipped but certainly not cheap apartments and flats.


Videos from Paris

Piere Carre

Photo from Piere Carre in Paris

Watch a video with the legendary Pierre Carrè, who has been singing at the Place Pigalle since more than 40 years.

Graffiti in Paris

Tsunami aftermath in Sri Lanka

Graffiti in Paris is creative and very colorful.

Video and the photos with story

Gipsy Jazz n' Eiffel

Common sense video Paris

Gipsy Jazz in Paris in a common sense video with very special views from below the Eiffel Tower.




Paris old architecturenext button

Old Paris architecture

The old architecture in the center of Paris is highly impressive and most of the buildings are nicely refurbished.

Paris old architecturenext button

Old Paris architecture

Interesting shapes combined with proper maintenance are giving the center of Paris it's so very unique look, which some other ends of the city might still be looking for.


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