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The Columbia University in Moningside Heights in the north of New York is one of the eldest and most important elite universities on the entire east coast.

The University was founded in 1754 as King's College and reopened in 1784 under the new name Columbia after an 8 years break during the American Revolution.

Daniel Chester Franch created the Alma Mater (1903) on the stairs of the Low Library on the Campus, which is still a symbol of the famous university.

A broad flight of steps descends from Low Library to an expansive square, a popular place for students to gather.

Beyond the College Walk is the South Campus with the Butler library, which is with 6,6 million books one of the biggest in the US.

 New York photos by Lisa Lisa from Austria


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Columbia University

Some of the most famous alumni of this university are Franklin D. Roosevelt, Isaac Asimov, and Jerome D. Salinger.

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General Grant National Memorial

Ulysses S. Grant (1822-85) is the only American President of the U.S., who was buried in NY and whose grave can be found nearby the Hudson River.

The meaning of two sculptures on the left and on the right is "Let us have Peace" while the inside is filled with mosaics created by an artist from Chile with the name Gaud in the early seventies.


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