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Trying to find a good Internet Cafe in New York Manhattan had been a time consuming pain because some Internet Cafes were very expensive with rates up to $2 for 10 minutes in certain places.

The by far best Internet Cafe in New York is run by an Englishman and it is called the Easy Internet Cafe, which is located on 42nd street. In fact the owner is the owner of the Easyjet Airline the Cyprus born Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

His Easyinternet Cafe is some kind of a serious hot spot, which has emerged as the No. 1 Internet Cafe with 24hrs. ADSL surfing for 5 Dollar.

Certainly not the most comfortable place in the world, but users in there are a usually very friendly and helpful crowd on a positive vibe.

Certainly a nonsmoker and pleasant snacks make the place the top Internet Cafe in New York.

On the downside it has no bathroom, ZERO assistance and a tricky ticket system what has all to be accepted for that best price and at least with solid technology behind the screen.

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Manhattan Easy Internet

The 24/7 Easy Internet Cafe is a vital center for communication.

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Oakland Raiders

New York has two great NFL Football teams with the Jets and the Giants and probably this Oakland Raiders fan had not been worried to express some support for his team.

Manhattan buildings New York

Hotel Pennsylvania New York

Manhattan prides some amazing architecture and one might think that this funky high rise building could fall over every minute.

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