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Newton Moraes
Modern Dance in Brazil

The great Brazilian Dancer Newton Moraes has been living in Toronto since a long long time and his contributions to the world of classical modern dance have been absolutely outstanding.

Needless to say, that Brazil offers a lot more than just the fun orientated Samba and Carnival music.

Bringing African, Indian and European roots together is certainly one of the many aspects that require a wide range of understanding and openness.

Here`s a video interview together with excepts from an incredible performance at Tanzhaus NRW.

Newton Moraes video

Modern dance

Newton Moraes

Newton Moraes dance and performance with interview.




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Newton Moraes

Newton Moraes

Highly impressive and fascinating had been the performance of the Newton Moraes dance group at the fabulous Tanzhaus NRW in Duesseldorf, Germany.

 Newton Moraes

Newton Moraes

 Newton Moraes

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