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Capoeira Brazil

Capoeira is 200 years old and a great combination of acrobatics, dance and martial arts.

According to tradition a Capoeira is the dance of a jealous lover, who is competing with his rival.

Capoeira was invented inside the "Senzalas", where African slaves were imprisoned.

And since Capoeira has emerged from Africa a large variety of different styles has been developed all over Brazil.

Intuition, care and caution are a part of a Capoeira and a feel for balance, rhythm are required in addition to strong muscles.

During the "game" it is the target to reveal the limitations of the competitor.

Also the harmony inside the movements decides upon the quality of a Capoeira and also among women an increasing demand and interest can be observed, though a lot of muscle and strength are required.

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Brazilian Capoeira combines music, dance and martial arts.



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Capoeira Brazil

Roda ! It`s not a fight, it`s a competition.

A Capoeira may also include the "maculele", (sword) and a "maracatu", (Stick).


Capoeira Brazil

Let`s form a circle (Roda). Let`s sing and play.

The instruments are the Berimbau, Atabaque, agogo and a Pandeiro (Tambourin).

Almost hypnotic are the singing and the playing.

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