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Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa

 FIFA World Cup VideosSouth Africa World Cup 2010 Newsblog

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Dream Finals

See on videos what fans and celebrities had in mind when it came to their Dream Final at the FIFA World Cup 2010.

FIFA World Cup 2010

Watch Video 1 featuring

The Coronas, UK's King of the Jungle Phil Tufnell, Desmond Hughes, Arjan van Brueggen and former German top striker Martin Driller who had played with Lucio and others.

Watch Video 2 featuring

UK / Hollywood Movie star Gary Stretch and football fans from England, Spain, Israel, USA and South Korea.

Arjan from South Africa

The Football World Cup in South Africa

Arjan from South Africa talks about going out in Johannisburg, the weather, the vibes in the Football stadiums and much more. Video


Boy George Football World Cup South Africa

Boy George, Football World Cup in South Africa

Boy George suggests to boycott Africa in order to take a stand against putting lovers into jail as long as they get classified as being gay. Video


Explore the Chinese Horoscope from Dr. Wu @ the World Cup 2010 and real African Music & Culture.


World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Cities like Manaus will be hosting the Samba World Cup in Brazil.


Brazilian Girls

Girls in Brazil

love to compete for the sexiest look and dance on the beach with tons of female elegance.

Real video


World Cup History

UK`s 2006 World Cup Expectations

Nick Halling Fox Sports

Fox Sports' Nick Halling had defined the British hopes for the World Cup with Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen and David Beckham, but Portugal had been too strong for them. Real Video


Here's more from the German Football World Cup in 2006


World Cup 2002

Football World Cup 2002

Already back in 2002 web62.com had been a place to watch fan videos.

These were comments from fans from all over the world during the Football World Cup 2002. Real Video 1 | Real Video 2 | Real Video 3

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UEFA Euro Cup 2008

Spain has emerged as the highly favorite team for the World Cup in South Africa since their great win at the last great tournament. Look back at the UEFA 2008 Euro Cup.



June 10, 2010
The World Cup Rats

World Cups have winners and losers and here's the story why some teams have success by finding the right champion coaches like the Swiss General.

Ottmar Hitzfeld has won the Champions League with two different teams similar to so far only Jose Mourinho and Austrian Ernst Happel.Ottmar Hitzfeld

The Chinese Horoscope for the World Cup explains it clearly why only a few Chinese symbols control the World Cup ... read more



Welcome to a look back

Read all the details inside the in depth Chinese World Cup 2010 analysis based on team and scorer stats.


Here's the World Cup 2010 Blog

July 8, 2010
Netherlands lost a brutal Final against Spain with 1:0 and Uruguay lost 2:3 against Germany.


Gameday 23 had brought Germany 0 Spain 1 and the quickest team went out without having a chance against Tiki Taka.

July 7, 2010
Gameday 22 saw the first semi final with Uruguay 2 Netherlands 3 in which again Diego Forlan and Wesley Snijder had been outstanding.

July 3, 2010
Gameday 21 saw the departure of Argentina and Diego Maradona after a severe 4:0 demolition by Germany. Also Spain reached the semi final after a close win against Paraguay,

July 2, 2010
Gameday 20 gave us bigtime drama with Brazil leaving after a 1 : 2 loss against the Netherlands with a giant Wesley Snijder. Ghana 3 Uruguay 5 after dramatic failure by unlucky Asamoah Gyan who had failed to convert a match breaking penalty in last minute of the overtime.

June 29, 2010
Gameday 19 had brought the first penalty shoot out between Japan and Paraguay with the better end for Japan. and now Spain will battle with Portugal.

Game day 17 saw Netherlands 2 Slovakia 1 and Brazil 2 Chile preparing for the next mega showdown in a great quarterfinal with Brazil vs Netherlands.

June 26, 2010
Game day 16 took Ghana into round 3 after a hard fought win in overetime against the USA. Also the great team from Uruguay with a much inspired striker Luiz Suarez had impressed a lot as well as Ghana`s top striker Asamoah Gyan.

June 25, 2010
Game day 15 saw no Samba from Brazil with this time Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal. Instead a dismal 0:0 and Ivory Coast 2 North Korea 0.

Spain won 2:1 against Chile and Switzerland couldn´t get further over Honduras.

June 24, 2010
Game day 14 saw Italy leaving and Slovakia entering round 2 alongside Paraguay.

Also Japan and the Netherlands have stormed further against Denmark and Ivory Coast.

June 23, 2010
Game day 13 saw that England and Germany progressed into the next round alongside Team USA and Ghana .

June 22, 2010
Game day 12 was Shoot Out Day 1 saw with a Bafana Bafana 2 : 1 win over the French l´Equipe Playboyz and Uruguay 1 Mexico 0

In the other group Argentina and South Korea progressed sending Nigeria and Greece home after some hard fought wins.

June 21, 2010
Game day 11 had brought Portugal 7 North Korea 0 followed by Switzerland 0 Chile 1 and Spain 2 Honduras 0 with 2 goals from David Villa.

June 20, 2010
Game day 10 saw Slovakia 0 Paraguay 2, Italy with a classic 1:1 against New Zealand and real Samba do Brazil against Didier Drogba and Ivory Coast that ended with a solid 3:1.

June 19, 2010
Game day 9 saw Netherlands reaching round 2 with a 1:0 against Japan 0 and a dramatic Ghana 1 Australia 1 battle taking Ghana to the top of the group whilst Cameroon left after a 1:2 loss against Denmark.

June 18, 2010
Game day 8 had started off with a thrilling Germany 0 Serbia 1 in which the Germans had performed simply stupid.

Then we saw a tight Slovenia 2 USA 2 and England reaching a draw against Algeria.

3 Dog coaches against 1 Buffalo coach ... the story of the England USA group here

June 17, 2010
Game day 7 saw with France another sinking ship whilst Argentina had managed to demolish a strong South Korean Team.

Tiger Otto Rehagel and his Greeks had looked refreshed after a fine win against an undisciplined Nigerian Eagle squad that still has chance to reach the next round with a win against South Korea.

June 16, 2010
Game day 6 brought the completion of series 1 with an epic win for the Swiss general Ottmar Hitzfeld who has clearly deserved the Coach of week 1 title for his sensational 1:0 underdog win against the Spanish millionarios.

2nd place goes to Germany and Jogi Loew for 4 strikes against Oz and an eye catching offinsive forward football followed bz Diego Armando Maradona and Argentina.

Goals of round one were scored by Rooster Maicon and the Tigers Gelson Fernandes and Keisuke Honda, for both deciding great matches for the potential underdogs.

Earlier Chile has defeated Honduras with 1:0 and in the night match Uruguay kicked out South Africa with 3:0.

June 15, 2010
Game day 5 saw a great Kiwi team from New Zealand equalizing in the last minute with their first World Cup goal since 28 years against Slovakia. rom New Zealand

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal could not defeat a strong Didier Drogba's Ivory Coast.

Brazil won against North Korea with 2:1 after a sensational goal by Maicon followed by another one by Elano before a strong North Korea scored a goal by Ji Yun Nam.

June 14, 2010
Game day 4 saw a hard fought win for the Netherlands who had overcome Danish Dynamite by 2:0.

Japan scored an epic 1:0 win against Cameroon with Superstar Eto`O what means the very first World Cup game won abroad.

Italy looked poor being 1:0 behind Paraguay until Daniele de Rossi had equalized after 60 minutes.

June 13, 2010
Game day 3 brought fine wins for Ghana and Slovenia whilst Germany had hammered Australia.

June 12, 2010
Game day 2 saw a close USA vs. England match with an unlucky loser.

Before the day had started with some fat and sleepy looking Greeks who had ended as fast food for the super fit South Koreans winning 2:0 with ease.

After that Argentina had no efforts defeating Nigeria 1:0

June 11, 2010
Game day 1 saw a well deserved 1:1 opening clash between Bafana Bafana vs. Mexico and a static Uruguay France meeting.


World Cup Stories

A scandal driven French Squad

had emerged as the ugliest appearance and national disgrace for France mainly due to sick minded coach Raymond Domenich who had even refused handshakes with Bafana's winner coach Carlos Pereira, a former Word Cup Champion who had dared to criticize him for having reached the finals by foul play against Ireland.


After the first two matches the British Press had been celebrating ManU striker Wayne Rooney as the "Pitbull-Primadonna".


All over the world Football fans and TV stations were getting upset with the sound of the Vuvuzelas and critics plea for mercy which include Ronaldo and many other players wo do not enjoy their stay at all.



Groups and Finals


Netherlands 0 Spain 1

Small Final

Uruguay 2 Germany 3


Semi Finals

Uruguay 2 Netherlands 3

Germany 0 Spain 1

Last 8
Netherlands 2 Brazil 1
Uruguay 5 Ghana 3
Argentina 0 Germany 1
Paraguay 0 Spain 1

Last 16
Uruguay 2 South Korea 1
USA 1 Ghana 2
Germany 4 England 1
Argentina 3 Mexico 1
Netherlands 2 Slovakia 0
Brazil 3 Chile 0
Paraguay 5 Japan 3
Spain 2 Portugal 0
Uruguay 4
Mexico 4
South Africa 4
France 1

Argentina 9
South Korea 4
Greece 3
Nigeria 1
England 5
Slovenia 4
Algeria 1
Germany 6
Ghana 4
Serbia 3
Australia 1
Netherlands 9
Japan 6
Denmark 3
Cameroon 0
Paraguay 5
Slovakia 4
New Zealand 2
Italy 2
Brazil 7
Portugal 5
Ivory Coast 4
Korea DPR 0
Spain 6
Chile 6
Switzerland 4
Honduras 1

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